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DECLEOR Aroma Full Body Massage  *               £75.00 55mins £100.00 85mins The Art of Absolute Wellbeing, choose from Relax, Detox, Flow or Tonic. Every bit of tension is eased from your body whith this heavenly massage. Your skin is treated to the incredibly smoothing sensation of a warm aromatic balm. DECLEOR Aroma Body Envelopments               £88.00 55mins Aroma Detox Envelopment                                Essential Oils and marine algae, rich in minerals, break down fatty deposits, drain toxins and eliminate excess water retention. Aroma Relax Envelopment      After a gentle exfoliation, warm aromatic relax balm is smoothed over the entire body followed by a sumtuous creamy masque leaving soft and silky skin. Aroma Flow Envelopment  A refreshing and energising treatment to eliminate toxins and remove excess fluid. Aroma Tonic Envelopment Instantly increases skin's radience witha  unique blend of toning, firming and anti-ageing ingredients. DECLEOR Aroma Body silk Glistener                     £65.00 40mins Radiant, bright and petal soft- your skin will glisten with health and vitality after this natural exfoliation treatment. This is the ultimate skin enhancer. Upgrade your wraps and scrubs with a Vichy        £40.00 25mins The Vichy shower is a great treatment to add on to any wrap or scrub because of its therapeutic benefits. Your body will be massaged with water which will increase your circulation, break down fatty tissue and soothe aching muscles. Shower heads are also placed over the back of the body to relax and de-stress. DECLEOR Perfect Anti- cellulite  Treatment              £75.00 55mins Blitz cellulite with this ultra-smoothing targated treatment. Thigs, hips and bottom are noticeably refined even after one treatment. DECLEOR Sumptuous Mother To be Treatment       £120.00 85mins Cleanse and condition your skin while heat and steam are used to open the pores and maximise the therapeutic benefits of Dead Sea mineral mud prepared with your own chosen AVEDA plant aroma. Why not share the experience with a friend or partner where you can assist one another in application of mud. Maximum of 6 Guests. SwedishMassage                                                         £70.00   55mins                                                                                           £100.00 85mins A personalised massage experience to create the perfect massage for you.Depending on your needs we have different massage time frames to suit the individual. The style of massage again is uo to you. The massage may beinvigorating to ease muscular tension and reliev stress or soothing and nurturing to induce a state of bliss and calm. This indulgent body massage incorporates energy balancing techniques, hit towel compress and warmed body oils. AromatherapyMassage                                                  £75.00 55mins                A light pressure body massage using the highest quality of pure plant extracts blended to suit ones individual needs and any particular ailments they have.Whether it may be stress, headaches, aches or pains we will blend your oil suited to your personal needs. This treatment is highly recommended to restore your body's natural equilibriam and nurture the mind, body & spirit. Fusion Stone Massage                                                                  55mins £75 85mins £100 Experience the aromatic power of Pure Flower and Plant Essences, fused with the sensation of a smooth stone massage. Your chosen aroma will encompass the senses, while the sensation of smooth warm stones combined with holistic massage techniques will balance soothe and invigorate the body. Hydrotherm Massage                                                         (Perfect for expectant mothers) 55mins £75 Discover a new dimension to the nurturing art of massage as your body is cradled on a warm water filled cushion. This is a specialised treatment where the effects of massage, heat and water are combined to soothe and relax, creating a dream like and relaxed state. Excellent in all stages of pregnancy (after the first tri-mester only) to soothe, relax and aid muscular aches and pains. Reflexology                                                                          1hr £65 An ancient holistic therapy performed on the reflex and pressure points of the feet that correspond to pressure points in the body.  Through specialised techniques applied to these reflex areas and pressure points, the body's own healing mechanism is stimulated encouraging the body to come into balance and repair. Rasul Mud Chamber Experience                                                         One Person 30mins     £40.00 Two People 30 mins     £70.00   Cleanse, exfoliate and condition your skin while heat and steam are used to open the pores and maximise the therapeutic benefits of the salt scrub and detoxifying Dead Sea mineral mud. Why not share the experience with a friend or partner where you can assist one another in application of mud. Maximum of 4 guests.

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